18 year olds dating 16 years old illegal

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this has nothing to do with me just to be clear to everyone.

i was just wondering are you still considered a minor at 16?

I was just trying to make sure I am right before we decide to break up because of it.

Dating isn't illegal, and your age difference isn't huge.

As the father of a 16 year old, let me help you with this. They have absolute authority over every aspect of the minor's life.

However, HER parents get to decide where and with whom she goes. but if you were much of an adult you wouldn't be dating children anyway.

All the men i've dated have been older then me 17 mainly.

So, I decided to post my problem here, and hope someone might be able to point out any laws there may be against dating, and if there are none, at least offer advice. That said, if they don't want you seeing him, they CAN (and sounds like they WILL) make your life - AND HIS - extremely miserable.I am 12 years old and I am IN LOVE with a 17 year old and we both live in capefair,mo.He loves me so much and doesn't want any other girl but me.like you weren't groomed or taken advantage of you're in relationship. thanks for answering my question which was expressed really awkwardly !would the older person be charged for sleeping with a person of 16 years old?

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