Access table still updating

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I want to update and commit every time for so many records ( say 10,000 records). Fortunately, you are probably using partitioning so you can do this easily in parallel -- bit by bit. Murali from old_table; index new_table grant on new table add constraints on new_table etc on new_table drop table old_table rename new_table to old_table; you can do that using parallel query, with nologging on most operations generating very little redo and no undo at all -- in a fraction of the time it would take to update the data. I don't have a 100million row table to test with for you but -- the amount of work required to update 1,000,000 indexed rows is pretty large.

The following example demonstrates the correct usage of this statement: Use the MERGE statement to efficiently perform record-level INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations within Hive tables.

Please note that, if you turn the display of system messages off in Visual Basic, you must turn it back on, or it will remain off. It may work in Access 2000, but certain actions may not work in Access 2003 or other versions. Software and hardware names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Click Advanced tab in the left hand side navigation menu and uncheck the three checkboxes in Confirm section. Before Del Confirm Event property) in your Access database. Set Warnings method can be used to turn system messages on or off. The effect of the above code may also vary between versions of Access. Copyright© Geeks No portion may be reproduced without my written permission.

VALUES, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE SQL statements are supported in Apache Hive 0.14 and later. VALUES statement enable users to write data to Apache Hive from values provided in SQL statements.

The UPDATE and DELETE statements enable users to modify and delete values already written to Hive.

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