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Odds are, every student in your class has a different preferred learning style, which can make it difficult for you to be the most effective teacher.However, by trying to incorporate various methods into your teaching, you may be able to reach the majority of your students.At the college level, it is expected that students have an idea of how to adapt to most teachers, although it cannot hurt to help them out a little!Below we have the three major learning styles and ways in which you can accommodate them.Second, it attempts to utilize and develop the capabilities that an individual brings to the alternatives for his or her learning and to adjust to the learner's particular talents, strengths, and weaknesses.Third, it attempts to strengthen an individual's ability to meet the demands of available educational opportunities and develop the skills necessary for success in the complex world.

Individual differences research from mainstream psychology has identified a stable set of characteristics that would appear to offer potential application in the HCI arena.

The challenge will be that when this student comes into our course, we won't be able to rely on verbal explanations.

But that's nothing new—all TAFE teachers have to make adjustments like that!

Alison Jones Teacher stance Valuing diversity, nurturing, openness and flexibility The needs of trainee child care workers In our section, we certainly take learners' needs into account.

We use all the normal teaching strategies to accommodate people's learning styles. I've been trying to work out how we deal with a trainee from a non-English speaking background with extremely limited English.

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