Amazon instant video linux updating player

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HTML5 is not enough on its own when it comes to watching content offered by commercial video services though as they require DRM on top of that.

Part of the HTML5 specification supports digital rights management enforcement for streams, and many services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix require those to stream content to the browser.

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Linux users all you need to do is go to where you downloaded the file and type sh amazonxbmcfix_*The installers were created using for linux and Inno Setup for windows.

tid=182172 ] Windows users be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully, windows wouldn't launch firefox with the correct arguments as nicely as linux so you will need to do a little bit of configuring but i hope that the instructions i wrote are clear enough that anyone can do it.

Enjoy As of 6/5/2013 Amazon updated their website to incorporate microsoft silverlight, this temporary caused this workaround to stop working, However I have updated the installers now to include the new working scripts.

Wowza Media Systems™ provides Amazon Linux AMIs with pre-configured and tuned versions of the Wowza Streaming Engine software that are ready to start using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console.

Video tutorial: How to install and configure Wowza Streaming Engine on Amazon EC2 Getting started Create an AWS account Choose an AWS Marketplace software subscription Launch the instance Get the instance public domain name and ID Sign in to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and test the instance Terminate the instance How to cancel your subscription More resources This guide assumes basic familiarity with Wowza Streaming Engine software.

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