Amy lepeilbet and liz bogus dating

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Athlete Ally is an organization that aims to eradicate homophobia in sports and today it announced that several professional women’s soccer players have voiced their support.

I don't know if vimeo does that but it's a possible explanation. I watched the video yesterday and I saw random people start liking it.

There's was nothing remotely embarrassing or incriminating or what have you.

Sarah was obviously roomies with Liz and Amy and they made an adorable montage video to say "get well, we miss you" while I assume Sarah was home in Australia.

That said, there ARE other outfits she could have worn. Also, on some websites that host stuff like videos or blogs, you can see where something you posted has been linked or embedded.

And while i think that would be FUCKING HOT, i can see why that might be awkward for her. Well, some of the players who are discussed here definitely know about this board already and occasionally read it, so I guess it's possible that one of them had been following the thread.

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