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Fame didn’t make Carlisle feel better about herself, but she discovered something else that did—at least temporarily.“I found drugs numbed a lot of the pain I had been feeling since childhood,” she explains of the cycle of self-medicating and self-loathing she wouldn’t escape for decades.She is doing an acoustic tour of Britain until 4 March.She lives in London with her husband, Morgan, and their son AMANDA ELIASCH: I met Belinda at Roger Moore's house in the South of France four years ago.The band sold eight million albums in just three years.

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She has recently had her first major London exhibition, 'Three Way Mirror', in which she showed her pictures of the female form.AMERICAN singer Belinda Carlisle has announced she is back on the road with a UK tour this autumn.The Heaven 30th Anniversary Tour will be at Salisbury City Hall on October 1, 7pm.But by the time we have finished our interview one of us will be dead and the mood will have darkened considerably.For the time being, though, all that is in the future, so let's endeavour to look on the bright side for as long as possible.

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