Bradley whitford dating janel moloney

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I like to do orange peppers, fresh cilantro, and ginger. It's going to sound very Hollywood when I tell you I flew the juicer with me to Dallas. It was amazing — but there was one aggressive ostrich that pecked my Prius.

And the changes extend to his personal life: Last year, he and his wife of 17 years, Jane Kaczmarek, announced they had filed for divorce; also, the new job required him to relocate to Texas.

Married at the time to actor Bradley Whitford ("The West Wing") she recalls, "It was a funny week.

I was trying to have another baby, going through all sorts of fertility stuff, and one day Warner Bros.

So Whitford is right – if Aaron Sorkin had created a fictional character/candidate who was anything like the real Donald Trump, no one would have believed it.

If you need confirmation, just check out the mustache he'll be sporting as Detective Dan Stark on The Good Guys, premiering on Fox this month. It's a great tip for parents: Take pictures of your kids' artwork, and while your kids are asleep, throw the art away. I try to do yoga for about half an hour, then I try to write a thousand words — it's sort of a mixture of journal and talking on paper to see if something comes of it.

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