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“Hush” opens things in the latter mode before crashing into “Joining A Fan Club,” the kind of massive song that’s either overbearing or exhilarating, depending on where you’re sitting.

“Sebrina, Paste and Plato” has a kids’ choir and a Fountains of Wayne-bouncy chorus.

Sadder still to report that—although suddenly there’s a plethora of great albums being released (or, more accurately, that I’m finally catching up with)—what’s rocked my world most of late is Jellyfish’s 1993 album , which sounds like the punchline to some kind of prototypical record-snob joke about obscure bands with horrible names.

I’ve been looking out for this for a while; Jellyfish’s rotating cast included Jon Brion on this album when Jason Falkner stepped out.

Alice Glass left the group in October 2014, and Crystal Castles was said to be disbanded, though new Crystal Castles music was posted online in 2015 featuring a new vocalist.

The new vocalist was confirmed as Edith Frances, My Space, Facebook,, Twitter, Sound Cloud, You Tube,,, Bandcamp,, You Tube,,,,, Wikipedia too cool for school, Crystal Castles look and sound amazing, propelling trance beats and electro synths over a Goth rock aesthetic that's equal parts visceral, exciting and alarming when experienced live ...

Zespół powstał w grudniu 2003 roku jako projekt Katha.

Dopiero w 2005 dołączyła do niego wokalistka, Alice Glass, nagrywając próbne partie wokalne do wcześniej przygotowanych podkładów.

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Powiadomił również, że wokale są od wokalistki nazwanej "Edith" oraz, że również pracują nad nowym albumem.

Pierwszy utwór z jej śpiewem – "Alice Practice", po opublikowaniu przez Ethana na My Space (we wrześniu 2005), stał się hitem promującym muzyków.

Zespół wystąpił gościnnie w jednym z odcinków (s02e03) popularnego serialu dla młodzieży 'Kumple'.

Brion’s since become one of the only film-score names anyone knows, but Falkner is almost as talented, one of those behind-the-scenes movers and shakers whose multi-instrumental talents means he’s one of the rare guys who can play every part on his albums.

In his spare time, he’s a session/touring musician for people like Beck, Aimee Mann and Glen Campbell (! All involved were part of the Pop Underground scene, a term which still makes me gag a little when typing, but basically involves a more melodically complex approach to ’70s power-pop à la Big Star.

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