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Not happy about having to take the extra step of copy and pasting into notepad then re-pasting into excel.It's the only way my "dashed" entries don't convert to a date.The dashed entries are coming from a java table from an outside source.No other work around has stopped the conversion other than going through the notepad step.Converting a favorite white sugar recipe doesn’t take a whole lot of smarts, but rather, a bit of guts and the understanding that when swapping a granular sweetener for a liquid sweetener () may need to be reduced. It’s quite nice, and I turn to this sweetener when I desire that effect. An example of a is unrefined and therefore contains the molasses mineral content typically lost in the refining process, resulting in a rustic and deep flavor.And though I could pretend to give a list of exact rules for how much liquid to reduce, in truth, every single recipe is different, which is where the guts are needed. Once you get a good final product, you’ll be sharing your prized, healthier recipe with friends for years to come. I also know several people who sprinkle this sweetener on their morning oatmeal. Aesthetically, Sucanat’s closest relative is brown sugar, for which a 1:1 substitution is commonplace; however, Sucanat is more granular, less moist and more nutritious.Click on the Export to PDF link to export the organisation information to PDF.Click on the Manage notification link to create or change a notification for this organisation.

It was ultimately a simple fix, but man, it was frustrating until I figured out how to switch between the two!

When selecting the Display history check box a set of tables will appear displaying a log of historical values describing what has changed and when over time.

Click on the Edit link, then the Start edit button to start making changes to an organisation.

Using sugar substitution to save a favorite family recipe can serve as an action-packed Friday night activity, I swear.

A world of options crawl out from beneath the white sugar canister, where they sat patiently waiting for us to acknowledge our self-inflicted deprivation of both nutrition and flavor.

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