Dating excuses

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Have you ever found yourself apologizing for the actions of your partner?

“Sorry about that, they’re just tired and had a really long day,” or, “They don’t mean to act like that, they’ve just been stressed at work.” Has a family member or friend ever directly asked you about the way your partner treats you? Did you come up with an excuse to put them at ease — or, to put your In an unhealthy or abusive relationship, making justifications for a partner’s behavior is common. I made a mistake and did something that upset them.” “They said that I’m controlling.

So: Don't text the guy to say, "Can't make it out tonight.

So when I’d first start dating a guy, I’d ask him what he was looking for somewhere around our third date.

So don’t be too offended the next time I blow you off; there’s at least a 50% chance it’s really not you, it’s me.

What I Say: My roommate is having boyfriend troubles and we’re having a girls’ night in.

What I Mean: This is not true, but it’s fool proof—you can’t argue with this without sounding like a complete asshole.

What I Say: I stayed out too late last night and I’m really hungover. What I Mean: I was having more fun with someone else last night than I would have with you tonight. What I Mean: 1) You can’t blame me for being a responsible pet owner, 2) maybe the fact that I’m a “cat lady” will convince you that you don’t even want to go out with me anyway (although it shouldn’t! What I Say: I have to do this thing with my sister. What I Mean: Siblings over significant others, what else do I have to say? What I Say: My friend is in town and I’m showing them the city.

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