Dating for veterans

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The noise clearly carried a different meaning for him, one I didn't understand.

Angela Mondou, president of Canada Company which helps military veterans transition into the workforce, at a job creation event in Calgary in this photo taken Friday, May 30, 2014.

Sure there’s quite a few dating websites out there that invite just about anybody and everybody under the sun to join, where you have to scramble through all the hordes of members to perhaps, by chance, find that one single love of your life.

But it’s not so easy and very frustrating going through all those many membership profiles and it’s usually somewhat expensive for the most part, considering their high advertising overhead costs.

The first time he shot a man dead, Omri told me, he cried.

To be clear, my boyfriend was never formally diagnosed with PTSD, which is the case for most military men I know: They've never sought professional help or a formal diagnosis, even though they report experiencing symptoms that are similar to told me in a phone interview.

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