Dating scan nuchal fold

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Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a modern obstetric practice without access to the information provided by real-time ultrasound.

Using this imaging technique, clinicians can detect pregnancy as early as 3 weeks after conception, confirm or revise gestational age with reasonable accuracy, diagnose multiple gestation in early pregnancy, confidently diagnose fetal death at any gestational age, assess fetal well-being, evaluate amniotic fluid volume, and diagnose a broad variety of fetal malformations.

With My Baby Company, our clients can expect to receive their test results within approximately 3-5 days.

Trisomies occur when three, instead of the usual two, copies of a chromosome are present.

The report should be conclusive where possible, indicating when the appearances are consistent with a specific diagnosis.

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The role of ultrasonography in obstetric practice has continuously evolved since its introduction more than 40 years ago.For Down’s syndrome, a blood test called the quadruple test is available from weeks 14-20 of pregnancy.For Patau’s and Edwards’ syndromes, you will be offered a mid-pregnancy scan that checks for physical abnormalities.The report should guide the referring clinician in further management. For example: The presence/absence of ascites, lymphadenopathy or distant metastases should be noted in cases of known primary carcinomas.

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