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The small nation covers only a part of the larger historical and geographical area known as Macedonia.Its culture and lifestyle has Ottoman and European influences. Macedonia is situated in a mountainous part of the Balkans, it is bisected from north west to south east by the Vardar River (also known as Axios river), the major river in the country and its longest.- Started the music career as part of the "4 Play" music project ("M2 Production", 2003, "Play - Potraga Po Sodzvezdie" (Play - Search For A Constellation)).

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- Attended at "Music Academy" in Skopje, Macedonia.- Participated at several music festivals in Macedonia and Balkans: "Skopje Fest", "Makfest", "Ohridski Trubaduri", "Ohrid Fest", "Budva Music Festival".- Album: "Odam Do Kraj" ("I Go Up To The End") (2003).- Singles: "Mozam Ako Sakam" (I Can Do It If I Want It), "Te Molam Ne Plachi" (Please Don't Cry) (with "4Play" group), "Kazi Da Na Ljubovta" (Say Yes To Love) (with "4Play"), "Zenski Svet" (Female's World) (with "4Play"), "Otvori Ochi" (Open Your Eyes), "Bez Kruna Kralica" (Queen Without A Crown), "Crveno Sonce" (Red Sun) (with Rade Vrchakovski-Vrchak), "Me Boli" (It Hurts Me) (from "Suncane Skale 2010" music festival). Likes: Music (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Toshe Proeski), NBA & L. - Editor, author and host of the TV music magazine / show "Twisted City" (T-Grad) at Telma TV (1999-2011). - Music journalist @ TV show "Pulsiranja" (MTV - Macedonian Television).Likes: Music (LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead, New Order, Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Pet Shop Boys, Portishead, Laurent Garnier, Moby, Richie Hawtin, The Orb, Future Sound of London (FSOL), Thievery Corporation, David Bowie, Massive Attack,...), TV shows ( Babe's info: - Macedonian female pop music singer.

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