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At the end of last season’s “Insecure,” many viewers wondered if Issa Dee, the character played by series creator Issa Rae, had lost her mind after cheating on her long-suffering boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis) — who then walked out on her.“She didn’t know what she had,” says Ellis, sipping a gin cocktail at a downtown LA restaurant. There’s always someone new around the corner.” Besides its brazen portrayal of the war between the sexes, “Insecure” has flipped Hollywood’s stereotypical (and tedious) objectification of women by having the men do most of the undressing. Issa’s done something really cool with not gratuitously having women walking around buck-naked just for the sake of walking around buck naked.” To that end, Ellis, under the pretext that “Lawrence is training for a marathon this season,” has been running “three, four miles every other day.” He has shed “12 pounds, 13 pounds” in the process.We Sk8 is a perfect example of a rapper making it happen in the internet era.Chris Backley is a native Angeleno writer/photographer that blogs about dating and happiness (mutually exclusive). In New York, people are always looking to make that million in the markets or VC. A., we write screenplays by pools, make movies, paint our feelings, downward dog our stress away, and plant organic gardens. In our view, it’s easier to move from New York to L. But make no mistake about it, one truth remains constant: dating in L. Drink: The Sazerac at Bar Stella or the mint tea at the Casbah Cafe.But I should warn you, if you’re trying to start dating a leo, there Ah, fuckboys.It’s a species that seems to be multiplying by the second.No it’s not Christmas, no it’s not the day you finally get your tax return back, it’s Leo season.Leos are known for being fireworks among an army of plastic bags.

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Align What makes it different: Just like a 1970s house party, Align is completely focused on your zodialogical compatibility. Ever since a scantily-clad fortune teller in Las Vegas explained to me what it meant to be an Aries, I was hooked.Tara, daughter of former Olympia Theatre chief Gerry Sinnott, told EVOKE.IE: ‘Dating in LA is hard, it is the land of the beautiful people and you constantly see older men with younger women.‘I am not as young as I was but I’m still looking for Mr Right. ’At least Tara, pictured, picked an auspicious date to find out and make a fresh start: she ditched that particular charmer on New Year’s Eve.Growing up I routinely checked my horoscope and judged the sign of every girl I had a crush on. I was hoping Align would reinvigorate that interest and it did to some extent.With compatibility descriptions below each potential match, I can learn important things like if my Leo moon would agree with her fire sign.

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