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The following list of events, Railway and Station name changes etc., from the introduction of Postal Districts in 1857 to the abolition of the County of London in 1965, may be of some help.

These changes should be visible on maps or mentioned or pictured in guides.

There appears to be a conflict of interest between the goal of our government and our health. If that were to happen, how would our parliaments and our courts consider making and enforcing laws so as not to make any one or any one group more special than another and so give an unfair advantage over his or her fellow special citizen? Johnston Toronto To whom it may concern: Since I witnessed the arrival of the first sidewalk tractors operated by city workers for winter snow clearing in my neighborhood several years ago, I have witnessed a rapid deterioration in our community’s ability to keep the sidewalks clean, while at the same time I have watched the rapid physical deterioration of the sidewalks themselves due the type of equipment used along with over salting. Back when neighbours helped a sick neighbor shovel and if he was too old, a city crew did the work without charge.

To manage we might then, dare I suggest, be regressive and favor the Rule of Law again? What galls me is that I have to pay for this terrible and expensive service whether or not I want it. As for the homeowners who didn’t care to do their civic duty, the city did the clearing for them as well but the laggard paid later on his tax bill.

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Most of these discussions are about issues which centre around the problem of our system not having enough money.

I have a fundamental problem with our socialized health care system based on two facts.

I'm a romantic at heart caring and deeply sensuous and passionate.That is why Ludi, poly activist and myself have decided to put together a poly speed dating event in London.Poly Speed Dating is a fun event for people of all ages, genders, orientations, ethnicities, abilities and flirting skills to meet the same (or different! To make sure you are fully prepped we are preceding it with an optional workshop to hone your skills. If you want to make sure you don’t miss and it and that you have first picks for tickets, sign up to receive email newsletters. This information has been extracted from a number of sources.If you disagree with any of the dates or events please let me know.

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