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BBMRI-NL makes biomaterials, images and data from (longitudinal) research retrievable, accessible and exchangeable for research on the prevention and treatment of diseases (personalized health & medicine).The Netherlands has more than 200 biobanks and cohorts that store the data of thousands of people.During this contest, students from the technical courses further develop their innovative ideas.Last Wednesday, the 50 selected students gathered during the TU/e Contest speed dating day 2017 in the Kennispoort.With the exception of the depositary notifications, the information in the Treaty Database is offered as a public service and has no official status.For official publications, please consult the Treaty Series (“Tractatenblad”) on Do you ever dream about successfully realising that dream?That realisation is becoming an achievable goal for the participants of the TU/e Contest 2017.

Pitch your idea to a jury of business experts at the end of the weekend and get the chance to win 500 Euros!The basis was the Van Beuningen- de Vriese collection, a private collection of European utensils (twelfth-nineteenth centuries), that was originally loaned to the museum and later, in 1991, was donated to the city of Rotterdam.The interdisciplinary documentation system developed into a comprehensive card system based on the museum’s collections of applied and fine arts.These are just a few of the many artefacts that have been depicted by European artists through the centuries.ALMA links these depictions of pre-industrial objects, dating from the late Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, in paintings and prints to examples of similar material objects.

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