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Find out how we can help you deliver the best advice, tools and service to your customers.Find out more We offer a range of Payroll & HR and Handi Soft training courses that are designed to help you get the most out your software.

Foreign currency debt also poses particular risks, and excessive reliance on foreign currency debt can lead to exchange rate and/or monetary pressures if investors become reluctant to refinance the government's foreign-currency debt.Can we incentivize and celebrate defensive security research in the same way that we applaud the discovery of vulnerabilities?How do we foster intelligent discussion of real-world trade-offs while avoiding sensationalism?Our portal contains the following broad categories of courses : 1. Training material (case studies, templates, tools etc) 6. Post course Evaluation forms and attendance register 8.PC Training / Computer Courses a) General Computer courses including: Adobe Creative Suite, CAD Training Center, Comp TIA, Computer Literacy, Corel DRAW, HTML & CSS: Website Design b) Microsoft Courses including: Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Project, Share Point, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Windows Server c) Part time IT courses including Auto CAD, Ms Office Excel etc 2. Examples of courses include: a) Management Development courses including: Call Centre and Customer Service Training Course, Diversity Management Training, Emotional, Intelligence, Leadership, and People Management , Procurement Supply Chain Management , Business Writing, Personal Assistant Course, Finance for Non-Financial Managers b) Project Management: Project Management Fundamentals to Intermediate to Advanced c) Human Resource courses including: Chairing Disciplinary Hearings, Occupational Health and Safety, Employment Equity Act Fundamentals Stress Management d) Sales and Marketing from Marketing Fundamentals to Sales Skills: Basic to Sales Skills: Advanced and Sales Team Management BOTI see the African Continent as a major growth area and is offering it training services in both South Africa and to the rest of Africa. Post course support* The quality of training and course content is the same for both public and in-house training. As experts in the field, sharing this knowledge has become our passion.

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