Direct dating summit dvd 1

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where men finally discovered how to finally handle this area of their lives.Guys paid from 0 for a basic ticket to ,000 for infield training with the coaches alongside the seminar, and when I launched the page, The expert coaches I assembled from across the planet were a wild mix of low-energy introverts and daring, brazen extroverts, and the attendees all found a coach they resonated with, and gained insights on Here’s the deal.

The DDA is a monthly Training Academy, where you learn fundamental, intermediate, and advanced skills in the art and science of being direct with women, and in life.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I revealed in the DDS 2-day seminar… Here’s the next coach who shared his insider information on how to be the Lothario women absolutely adore: Badboy: Europe’s Croatian Casanova!

He’s been in “The Community” since the days of Mystery, and from the beginning he hit the nail on the head by being direct and not bothering with “demonstrations of value” or any other fluff. but I’ve known him personally for a while, and know that what he teaches works.

If you’re on this page, it’s pretty damn clear you want to sort out your relationships with the ladies.

What these coaches taught in those 2 days can shortcut any man’s journey to seductive success from years of trial-and-error, rejection and confusion, to Sasha Daygame: The One And Only! I went from THE social outcast in high school with yellow teeth to a wacky dating coach after spending over 8 years on the streets figuring out the whims and ways of women.

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