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Having fled to Midian, Moses intervened in a water-access dispute between Jethro's seven daughters and the local shepherds; Jethro consequently invited Moses into his home and offered him hospitality.

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They meet at the tombs of their prophets for these communal gatherings.

anguage is Arabic, their religion and culture is separate and unique.

They speak a special dialect of Arabic that sounds much like Syrian dialects of Arabic. They number about one and a half million in the world; but the vast majority live in the Galilee, Southern Lebanon and Southern Syria.

Jethro is called a priest of Midian and became father-in-law of Moses after he gave his daughter, Zipporah, in marriage to Moses. Jethro is recorded as living in Midian, a territory stretching along the eastern edge of the Gulf of Aqaba in what is today northwestern Saudi Arabia. Biblical maps from antiquity show Midian on both locations.

Jethro's daughter, Zipporah (Rohaya), became Moses's wife after Moses had fled Egypt, having killed an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew slave.

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