Eva longoria and jesse metcalfe dating Mobile cams no aign up

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We were used to seeing them get steamy on Desperate Housewives as Gabby Solis and gardener John Rowland.

Their characters had a fling during season one, until John spilled the beans to Gabby’s husband and ended their affair.

The John Tucker Must Die star proposed to the 33-year-old fashion blogger aboard a 50-foot sailboat as they cruised the Hudson river in New York, according to Us Weekly.

Say what you will about Courtney’s apparent desire to be in the spotlight via dating, but she looks absolutely gorgeous!

” (The Courtney Robertson as villain stuff starts right around the mark, including a skinny dipping scene with Ben Flajnik! Maybe it’s something genetic about being a guy, but there’s something mighty sexy about a woman that riles up all the other women!

(NOTE – That fetish wasn’t nearly enough to have me longing for Vienna Girardi.) Oh, and it appears that the other gals in house aren’t the only ones upset at Courtney wooing of Ben Flajnik!

He had a supporting role as John, a 17 year old gardener who worked for married couple Carlos and Gabrielle Solis and was secretly having an affair with Gabrielle, who was played by Eva Longoria.

Metcalfe and Longoria melted the screen in multiple love scenes throughout the first season.

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