Explicit profiles

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If you enter information about your app and assign a team to your app, Xcode creates the necessary signing identities and provisioning profiles for you.

Specifically, Xcode creates a team provisioning profile that allows your app to run on all your devices and use app services.

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However, it’s more convenient and less error-prone to use the team provisioning profile that Xcode manages for you than to set the code signing build settings yourself.

Its Layered and Institution models and Configurator provide seamless integration for app and profile deployment, resetting passwords, data protection, remote wipe, inventory reporting and more.

File Wave makes it easy to manage app deployments, profile management, and functions such as resetting passwords, remote wipe, inject network settings, email configuration, blocks for Youtube, i Message, Safari, i Tunes, i Book Store, explicit content, Air Play and more.

For more information about the configuration file and its available fields, see Configuring the AWS Command Line Interface in the .

After you set credentials, you can load them by using the default credential provider chain.

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