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Extensive experience in her psychology practice has given Geraldine insight into how individuals respond to different types of pressure and that resilience can be learned.Geraldine is often praised by clients for her receptive listening style which enables them to reflect and identify strengths they may be unaware they have.

As we have customers on both sides of the Tasman, we’d like to make sure you’re receiving the right news from us.

Using our Resilience model as a foundation, she guides clients to go beyond ‘keeping on top of things’ by applying practical skills to develop personal and professional resilience, helping them to sustain high performance and optimal wellbeing.

With professional experience in counselling, psychology, management consulting and operational and strategic human resource management with individuals, teams and organisations, Geraldine has developed great insight into the demands and challenges within large systems.

Quality of care and life in RCFEs cannot be improved without incorporating an effective strategy to improve the working conditions of caregivers.

Both consumers and caregivers are disserved when workers are overworked and underpaid.

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