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(If you're going back to work, supplementing involves a different bag of tricks that you can read about here.) Supplementing means that in addition to nursing your baby, you’re also giving him bottles of formula.

Moms start supplementing for all kinds of reasons: it's hard to pump at work; someone is pressuring you to stop breastfeeding; you're worried the baby isn't getting enough milk; you want one less stressor in your life; or you need more time and flexibility to tend to other responsibilities, such as older children.

In other words, self-interest is inescapable, and unbiased information is hard to come by.

This echoes an argument put forward in How much does the drive for profits—on either side—explain the pressures that women face?

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While all moms are amazing, no mom is great at everything.

So you can enjoy your cup of coffee without worrying about it. Most experts agree that you should limit your caffeine intake to 300 milligrams daily. Find out how much caffeine is in specific beverages. I was on double baby watch this weekend, and although it’s really common for me to go 24 hours before I even see a text, I was hovering over my phone like crazy!Two dear ones to me were due on the same day and both went into labor Friday. How to hover without actually checking in on them, I don’t know. Both healthy babies were born that day, and I can’t wait to meet them.

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