Geena davis dating

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Flicks on a Winnie the Pooh NIGHTLIGHT -- Her entire right forearm is slicked with blood.

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She thrashes for her STUFFED BEAR, as a soft voice says: VOICE Shhhhh. Thelma & Louise is a 1991 American road film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Callie Khouri.It stars Geena Davis as Thelma and Susan Sarandon as Louise, two friends who embark on a road trip with disastrous consequences.Without paparazzi, tabloids, or the Internet (and the lowbrow wannabes this holy trinity brings) the red carpet was an exclusive, far-away place where the world’s most charismatic movie stars were seen. But producers seemed to pick up on the red carpet’s potential for programming appeal, even planting Rock Hudson outside to gallantly greet at-home audiences.Alas, the actual pigment of the carpet did not matter much to far-away fans since color film and photography were not in common use yet. “If you don’t mind being jostled, I’ll take you inside and get you seated,” the handsome white-tied star tells the camera before leading it (and his vicarious at-home dates) down the burgundy runner and into the venue in time for the orchestra overture.

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