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One of the most pathetic marriages in the Old Testament is that of Abigail and her husband Nabal, described in 1 Samuel 25. I doubt that Abigail had much to say in the choice of this man as her husband.How should we, as young men, properly pursue a godly woman romantically, but in a godly manner? We men get all kinds of godly advice on how to be godly husbands and fathers, or how to be godly single men, but what about the interim between the two?He knew that God hated “unequal yoke” of marriage with unbelievers. A misstep in this area can spell doom and gloom for an individual up to many generations, while the right choice can open the door to favor, bliss and something really close to heaven on earth… These prayer points are designed for those who love God and want His will in marriage.

Today, over 21,378 people have been blessed by these prayers, you too can tap into this spiritual treasure for locating your God-ordained spouse. It’s good to have those things if you can but in the spiritual world they are of little or no significance.Complete library of Bible studies that will provide for the majority of the needs of your group.I once had a college professor who told of the most honest funeral sermon he had ever heard.What traits should a woman strive towards to become a godly wife? The flesh flaunts the body, God beautifies the spirit. She seeks God's will over the approval of anyone else on earth.Here are twelve: 1) A Godly Woman Always Seeks to be Modest in Her Dress. (Proverbs ) By contrast, the ungodly woman's clothing points to herself and her body instead of her Father in Heaven and His holiness. Her fear of God makes her aware of the future consequence of her choices.

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