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I’ve met some great “good on paper” guys who were really nice and by all intents and purposes “good partner material” but I just didn’t feel a connection or I felt that our lifestyles weren’t compatible. It means that you could set your clock by this person.

Just because someone is nice and has their act together doesn’t make them a good catch. It’s OK to reject someone based on “not feeling it”. I have also dated some seemingly great guys who just were consistently inconsistent. You could always count on these types to not keep their word, you could always count on them to say one thing and do another, you are guaranteed that they will surprise you with random craziness, some of it hurtful. You can always trust that they will always be there for you.

Know that you’re entirely within your rights to look after your health and as long as you show consideration to others you’re doing nothing wrong.

When we’re unsure in ourselves other people can sometimes pick up on this and press the point.

Dear Lisa, Is it okay to bring a selfie stick to a funeral?

—Tormented in Tucson Darling Cactus Flower, Sometimes the best way to move forward is to step back, so hop into my time machine and buckle up—we're going for a spin. And you and I are sitting down in our baggy jeans and "Rachel" haircuts to hunt through a little something called the personals. But here's the thing: It's not whether somebody loves you that matters—it's how he treats you.

Presumably if an investor provided tools to make laborers 20% more productive, and in return took a 5% royalty, he’s an exploiter (apparently leaving them back at 0% is a better outcome…)?

On the other hand, if he simply caves to your arguments because you have him whipped, he has a weak mind and may not be someone you would continue to be interested in; i.e., as easily as he accepted your views, he would just as easily lose them.

There also has to be a compatibility factor – that’s really important. They are all words and hardly any action unless it suits them and their purposes, emotionally unavailable, random types. You know that through the good and bad times they will be standing beside you.

When you need them most they will be the first one to hold your hand or give you that much needed hug.

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