Intimidating job interview questions

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When preparing for an interview, come up with answers to common challenging and intimidating questions beforehand.

It is much more difficult to form answers to questions like these in a way that shows your quality on the spot.

They may use subtle scare tactics, or they'll rapid-fire questions at you.

Everyone has weaknesses, so never say, “I don’t have any.” Avoid the cliché answers like, “I work too hard,” “I’m to much of a perfectionist,” or “I’m too excited about work!

Jobs are sometimes difficult to find, and even more difficult to obtain. It is the perfect time to impress your future employer and show how you are a strong candidate.

A good interview can set you apart from a pool of applicants.

We sweat bullets through every minute of the interview, and sigh with relief the minute we finally escape from the sweatbox where we just spent the last half hour trying not to break down. It's tough, but you can handle it if you're prepared.

Control Your Reaction Intimidating interviewers won't smile, won't react, and won't do anything to let you know if you're doing well or not.

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