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I could only watch for a minute without getting caught, but I heard the screams, and it went on for an hour." "Our hands were tied like this. Then a black hood on my head, then they applied electricity." The last entry is particularly piquant in light of the picture (right) showing U. soldiers doing exactly the same thing to an Iraqi prisoner. State Department propaganda released in April 2003 to justify the march toward war, Saddam killed 4,000 prisoners at the institution in 1984, and executed fewer 50 political prisoners there between 20. Based on all this copious evidence of brutality at Abu Ghraib, the moral case for getting rid of Saddam seemed like a "slam dunk," as George Tenet might say. "No one can argue that the Iraqi people would be better off with the thugs and murderers back in the palaces," Bush said as recently as March 2004, by which time he should have known better. came storming into the country in spring of 2003, Abu Ghraib was left a smoldering ruin, looted by the local populace as the Saddam regime disintegrated.Abu Ghraib (pronounced "grayb") is a sprawling 280-acre gulag, complete with sniper towers and razor wire, dungeons and the stench of human fear. You'd think that this represented progress, but to the U. Because two months earlier, the other shoe had dropped. The Americans came in and thought to themselves, "Hey, wouldn't it be great if we used this ghoulish house of horrors for our own prison?Abu Ghraib once held tens of thousands of human souls -- criminals, political enemies, and those who just happened to get in the way.A 12-year-old Iranian boy visiting his grandmother near Basra in 1985 was swept up in an Iraqi invasion.“They were punished for refusing to have sex with ISIS militants,” according to Abdullah Al-Malla, a local media activist, who spoke to the Kurdish news agency ARA News.

She was abducted from Kocho near Sinjar, an area home to about 400,000 Yazidis, and held by Islamic State in Mosul where she was repeatedly tortured and raped.

The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations.

April 2013, the leader of the ISIS released an audio statement announcing that Jabhat al-Nusra is its branch in Syria.

But let us not forget that it lies, inescapably, with we the American people, who, in our fear and rage over the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001, allowed ourselves to be suckered into the most audacious bait and switch of all time.

The first drafts of history are, by their nature, fragmentary.

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