Jahovas witness dating rules

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It would result in the swift kick out of the life I had lived for thirty years, and into an intimidating, complicated world I had known only from the periphery.

I began learning Mandarin Chinese in 2003 through a night class offered at my congregation in Vancouver.

The elders asked me to meet them at the Starbucks on Nanjing Road in central Shanghai. Please don’t feel nervous.” The sun was bright in my face, sort of like an interrogation lamp. But that I’d felt it was the right thing to do, to explain certain things to her. “Now please tell us exactly what was said.” Sipping our coffee drinks, we looked like the other expats one sees around Shanghai. We knew lots of stories of Witnesses who had been followed, watched, bugged, deported by Chinese officials.

However, he said he tried to "never give an impression that JWs are dumb or intelligent", adding that "many of them are actually quite intelligent, albeit deluded people".I had been a devout Jehovah’s Witness from the time I was a child, and I became a full-time missionary the day I graduated from high school. Pursuing any kind of career was frowned upon as materialistic and a distraction from what really mattered: preaching.Four days a week, I would put on my modest skirt and practical shoes, fill my briefcase with magazines and other Watchtower publications, and walk to the Kingdom Hall near my home in Kitsilano. We’d then head out to our assigned territory—the affluent neighborhoods of Vancouver’s west side."Women cannot teach in the congregation, they cannot deliver public talks or say public prayers.When they conduct a private Bible study or say a prayer with another person, while a man is around, she has to wear a scarf on her head as a sign of being submissive." One questioner asked what they should do to avoid Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on their door.

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