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This collection of skits from Saturday Night Live doesn't have many good laughs, but there are some redemptive performers.

In "Jackie Rogers Jr's 0,000 Jackpot Wad", Billy Crystal does an accurate Sammy Davis Jnr, and Martin Short is a campy buck-toothed host.

Various / Himself / Frank Sinatra / Paulie Herman / Ronald Reagan / Tom Snyder / Announcer / Dan Rather / Jimmy Carter / Harry Schliemer / Husband / Pudge / Ted Koppel / announcer / Andy Rooney / Andy Roony / Bill Smith / Bizarro Mc Lean Stevenson / Bizarro Rodney Dangerfield / Bizarro Ronald Reagan / Carl XVI Gustaf / Crazy Edelman / Curly / David Letterman / Don / Doug Whiner / Doug Winer / Father Riley / Froggy / Geraldo Rivera / Guy / Hotel Owner / Jesse Jackson / Jim Fowler / Joe Rositani / John Anderson / John Kenneth Galbraith / Johnny Carson / Karl Malden / Lorne Greene / Mr. Wonderful / Otis / Paul Dietrich / Paul Smalley / Pip / Player / Ronald Mc Donald / Sergeant Steve Brick / Sgt.

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And he has also done live comedy shows at nightclubs through the United States.

Jonah Hill, reluctant funny person, returned for his third hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Hill’s transition from Apatovian goof to two-time Oscar nominee (for Moneyball and, more recently, Wolf of Wall Street) has been publicly rocky, mostly due to a self-important interview with Rolling Stone, about which Hill expressed regret last week. It is kind of enigmatic to talk about your passion for working with Martin Scorsese and the pay cut you happily took to do so as well as that time Joe Pesci stuck his finger in your ass during the same press tour.

, Celebrity Jeopardy, Bensonhurst Dating Game, and much more!

With hosts like Will Ferell, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Tom Hanks, Mike Myers, Billy Crystal, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Joe Pesci, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and many more!

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