Kelly and val dating

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“They looked like they were getting hot and steamy on the dance floor.” And according to the source, the chemistry doesn’t stop there. “It’s a short-lived romance,” the source explained. You go away for six weeks and find a boyfriend and go back to high school and it’s over.” PHOTOS: Boozy Arrests, Dirty Divorces & Cheating Scandals! “The only way that Val works well with someone, he has to have chemistry with his partner,” the source said. 15.” But who knows what could happen over the next few weeks.

“They spend so much time together and they are so touchy feely and all over each other,” the source said. “You spend so much time with that person and then it’s over.” “It usually doesn’t last past the finale, but it is normal,” the source said. “And the last time Val was flirtatious was with Kelly,” the source said. And on screen now, it looks like he has chemistry with Janel.” PHOTOS: The Cheating Scandal To Score A Reality TV Show But there’s just one problem: Parrish is already in a relationship with someone else, fellow actor, Payson Lewis. Said the source, “It might turn into” a showman — or the real thing!

"She's ended things with her old boyfriend [actor Heath Freeman]," an unnamed source told the magazine.

"She's telling all her friends that she and Val are in love.” They would love to have Val return, perhaps including a scene with Kelly.

Although their connection was undeniable, it felt like a played-up showmance for the cameras, especially since Kelly said it would be unprofessional for them to be together while in a working relationship — plus, didn’t she have a boyfriend?

A couple of months have passed since the end of All-Stars, and In Touch Weekly now says Kelly and Val are officially dating.

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Are Kelly Monaco and her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy dating?The very idea of this rumor makes our day, but just a few days before the In Touch story was posted online, Kelly tweeted, “Don't believe everything you read!contestant Amber Rose, who was actually partnered with his brother, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.Rumer and Val are likely going to be serious contenders for the mirror-ball trophy this season, but will a showmance or romance come into play as well?went ahead and asked both Val and Rumer if they are single in a recent chat.

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