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Because these states had introduced institutionalised and modern education before the UAE their citizens were educated in various fields such as law, medicine and engineering.

Therefore their presence proved to be a major boon to the UAE both pre and post federation and helped catapult its modernisation.

That is because since moving to Egypt after the Syrian civil war started, this Syrian-Palestinian refugee has found a far more lucrative line of work – smuggling.From May until October, the period when the weather allowed for smuggling missions, Abu Hamada’s men organised on average two trips a week, each earning him a profit of at least 000.Critics say he is profiting from people’s misfortune, indifferent to their suffering and in some cases causing it.Some of his team’s clients were on a now-notorious ship that sank near Malta in early September, killing more than 300 people.“They are the worst kind of humans,” says one of the gang’s would-be passengers, Osama, who was arrested – fortunately, as it turned out – as he waited to board the doomed vessel.

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