Mandating the metric system

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That started me thinking about the myths and misconceptions of the Metric System, why it isn’t used in the United States, and what that all means for Identity Systems.First let me say I am a big fan of the metric system (I have a MS in Aerospace Engineering).That is because 10 is divisible by only 5 and 2, where as 12 is divisible by 2,3,4, and 6.The United States is the only country that has not switched to the metric system other than Burma and Liberia [1].These errors persist despite years of adverse incidents, warnings and recommended fixes, patient-safety experts say.

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In the meantime, a new system of weights and measures, developed by French scientists following the Revolution of 1789, gained increasing international use.A NASA subcontractor, Lockheed Martin, was using Imperial units rather than the metric units mandated for the project, causing the orbiter to come into orbit too low and to burn up in the outer atmosphere due to air friction [2].The cost of switching to metric will be quickly outweighed by the economic benefits of global interoperability.And living in the United States, I almost never use it. The reason that I never use it is that for my day to day life outside of work it simply offers no advantages to me.When studying engineering in college I used the Metric System almost exclusively.

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