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When you combine that bias with actions such as the slash against Mark Stone at a critical point in the season, you can easily understand why most players in the room made the decision to go with Max Pacioretty instead. I’m actually relieved that he didn’t get the Captaincy.If he were to get another kick at it in the future, I believe he could still earn that right.Guy Lafleur was never named the Habs Captain despite being their best player for years.A Captain is not necessarily representative of the best player on the team.

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Well, I was born and breed in Australia and love to travel. Into: playing music, my large family (pretty well all located in Ontario), I am happy, curious, open, loving, romantic, affectionate, independent, optimistic, spiritual and not religious, secure, elegant, flexible, enthusiastic, and extroverted.Cavernous with a nod to the past, le Lab is perfect for those in the mood for a creative cocktail that may or may not involve fire.The menu is varied, and they do a great job presenting the history of various drinks, ensuring that your date knows that you appreciate the finer things... Facebook Meander your way through Little Italy before arriving at Vices et Versa to enjoy a pleasant patio and one of Montreal's largest beer selections.I’m interested in theatre that pushes boundaries, theatre that is innovative, immersive, physical, and undeniably human.I arrived in the city with the assumption that the French theatre scene had much more to offer in that regard than its English counterpart.

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