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It’s just that we’re not in a romantic relationship. I wouldn’t say that there’s anybody in the cast where lines of communication are closed. I think we’ve done a good job for pretty much everybody.

Right after the show, we’ve all done a pretty good job staying in contact with each other. Once you make decisions, you can’t go back and second guess them because you’ll drive yourself crazy.

Davis is from Woodstock, and Henderson is from Roswell, says WSB.

The Police Department posted a statement that said, “Henderson is a student at Roswell High School and Davis is a student at River Ridge High School.

clueless to Natalie’s hints throughout the season, but that didn’t stop Natalie from following her heart.

In the fourth quarter, David finally realized what Natalie was not-so-subtly telling him all along.

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So it was definitely an interesting transition from “no” to “All right, I’m going to get naked on TV and do all these dates.” After speaking with Natalie, she says you two still have a great relationship, especially after the passing of her brother. We’ll always be connected in that way, and we have a beautiful relationship, and I can genuinely say that you know that our relationship in a great place.Hit the flip for what the internet has to say about K and her new relationship. An anonymous tipster sent an email to Fameolous accusing Dr. Did that preachiness make your vision for “Thug Kitchen” that much clearer? ” Holloway: [And] eating better doesn’t have to break the bank. Holloway: We got an e-mail from a truck driver in the Midwest, saying, “I tried your recipes and I lost a few pounds.” That’s f - - king awesome!Holloway: We wanted people to say, “F - - k you, I want a salad, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” When omnivores e-mail me and say they substitute veggies for their meat, that’s f - - king awesome. Davis: You shouldn’t have to run to 17 different f - - king farmers markets just to get ingredients. I’d fetch expensive lunches at the production company — ones I could never afford in my wildest dreams, and that they don’t even finish . Why are you so hostile and angry — considering you’re two plant-based eaters? Hey, I grew up going to Catholic school — it’s where I learned to swear and smoke. Holloway: Actually, we get more complaints about people who are f - - king tired of lentils.

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