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Date Like A Spartan: 10 Weapons to Dominate Any Date (PDF Ebook) is being released exclusively on Solving Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match, Twitter, and the list goes on, have created a new era of online connections where the actual dating process has been shortened in favor of quick connections.

Men benefit from over texting as opposed to actual talking. All used to lower a woman’s guard fast without actually doing anything special to prove value or worth.

The consensus of the event was to ensure that women are empowered to make the best decisions when looking to date and getting into relationships.

If you want to skip this review and go straight to the official website : It’s the last part of that sentence that’s so important. They think with their little head and not their heart or big head like they should.On the contrary, men cheat for one simple reason: the women they are with don’t know the secrets to turning off the genetic coding men are wired with that drives them to cheat.Now, this isn’t to say it’s a woman’s fault if their man cheat – it’s definitely his own fault – but why would you leave anything up to him in the first place?moved to London with the intention of dating around using different guides.The thing is, she fell in love while doing it, so she couldn’t finish, hence the fictionalized character carrying out her dirty work.

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