No validating sax parser implementation available

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The choice of validation method depends on the additional functionality required in the validation application.SAXParser is recommended if SAX parsing event notification is required in addition to validation with a schema.Functionally, Tcl XML is Parser Implementations Tcl XML v3.

About Tcl XMLThe goal of the Tcl XML package is to provide an API for Tcl scripts that allows "Plug-and-Play" parser implementations; application will be able to use different parser implementations without change to the application code.The Tcl XML package provides a streaming, or "event-based", interface to an XML document.However, for those power users out there working in XML day in and day out, this chapter covers some of the finer points of SAX that you’ll need.I’ll start with a look at setting parser properties and features, and discuss configuring your parser to do whatever you need it to.

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