Organization xiii dating game

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Organization XIII is a group of exceptionally powerful Nobodies whose ultimate goal is to divide Master Xehanort's heart into thirteen vessels.

They are the antagonists of both Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II.

Geez why am I still not able to create polls with more than 10 options here?

Again some members of Organization XIII will be left out! I guess I will exclude Roxas and Larxene because we all know that Roxas is hot and that Larxene is the only female member, so please choose from the rest!

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When our fave keyblade master starts dating, what does Axel do about it? The first chap is a serious battle, just a heads up.

Shoving them to the back of his mind he can ignore them.

But he can’t ignore the strange redhaired man who sits beside him on the park bench...

Not shōnen-ai Roxas has always been plagued with strange memories.In Sora's story, the rebellious Organization members Marluxia and Larxene attempt to manipulate Sora by using Namine to alter and remove his memories in order to use him to overthrow the Organization.However, Marluxia's plan fails, and Sora, Donald and Goofy are placed in a deep sleep in order to regain the memories that they lost. Each member is aware of their lack of emotions, and many of them pretend to have emotions, for example, Saïx's enraged battle style and Larxene's giggling and winking. However, the real objective, one only known to Xemnas, is to use the members as vessels to become 13 Xehanort replicas.

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