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47-year-old Entrepreneur This bachelor is a successful, self-employed owner/operator of several Twin Cities’ businesses.An outdoorsman, he knows how to appreciate the Minnesota summers through a range of activities from biking to boating.

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Considering how often domestic battery leads to gun violence in a marital relationship, why shouldn’t dating relationships receive the same legal protection? “After having prosecuted hundreds of domestic violence cases, from minor incidents to homicides, and trying to get justice for hundreds of victims, I still can’t explain to those victims why the crimes against them are less important because they live in separate residences.” East Baton Rouge Rouge Parish domestic abuse prosecutor Melanie Fields says the new law will give prosecutors “more options to address criminal behavior that sometimes arises in a romantic relationship.” That’s not how the NRA sees it.

Unfortunately, just as many if not more people are abused (and killed) in dating relationships, according to law enforcement.

HB 223 would simply add “dating partners” — a term already very well defined in Louisiana law — to our domestic abuse battery law.

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    The history of HIV/AIDS in Australia is distinctive, as Australian government bodies recognised and responded to the AIDS pandemic relatively swiftly, with the implementation of successful disease prevention and public health programs, such as needle and syringe programs (NSPs).