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Reviewed by Bryon Andreasen (Research Division of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency) Published on H-Civ War (March, 2004) Picking and publishing writings by America's sixteenth president is a time-honored tradition among historians and book publishers. A recent entry in the Lincoln reader genre is this volume, (2002).

These companion volumes--biography and documentary reader--may be read as a set, or as stand-alones.

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Model B (1948-1951) Total Production: 1050 Velocity: Variable to 700 fps Using the same gun, but without the cheek-piece, a revision of soldered ventilated rib type barrel, less expensive paint finish and various slight changes it was to be a cheaper alternative to the slow selling Model A.

War dissenters were a small minority of Democrats during this phase.

But these ideologically motivated constitutional conservatives would remain the core of the peace movement throughout the war.

In the first phase, beginning with the 1860-61 secession winter crisis, a small core of conservative northern Democrats opposed the Lincoln administration's position that secession was unconstitutional.

Holding that secession was legal, (regardless of its desirability), these northern conservatives grew increasingly outspoken as the administration took actions during the first eighteen months of the war--such as suspending the writ of habeas corpus--that they believed threatened the constitutional rights of citizens.

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