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So, your version could be v45, but the tester thinks the current is still v44. (Notice the version I posted is newer than the one in the database.) You are in great shape. Messages from the plug-in test page should be checked out.BUT, if the support site of a program says you are okay, you are [email protected] There's nothing Ubuntu can do about that, Adobe aren't updating Adobe Reader for Linux.You can, however, install Adobe Reader 11 or DC using Wine if you wish (try using Play On Linux (for Reader DC), it makes the process fairly self-explanatory).I get that some packages could not be installed when trying this (for 16.04): " acroread : Depends: nspluginwrapper but it is not installable".

See Resolve an unstable Internet connection to the Adobe website or FTP site for details.

Hi, Since we started installing the version 8 of adobe reader (clean installation), some of our users suddenly can't print, different documents, different printer models (all HP though).

It does not matter what program you use to print from, restarting the machine does not work, we have also tried to restart the printer, nothing...

This is, of course, a very outdated version of Adobe Reader, but this is not Ubuntu's fault, Adobe haven't updated the Linux client of Adobe Reader.

You can, however, get a newer version using the process below (this installs a Windows version of Adobe Reader on Ubuntu).

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