Rules of validating email addresses Live cam fucking no log in

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Are there any other approaches than the ones I've listed?Edit: I completely forgot the most obvious of all, sending a confirmation e-mail! Yes, this one is pretty foolproof, but it does require extra hassle on the part of everyone involved.The user has to fetch some e-mail, and the developer needs to remember user data before they're even confirmed as valid.

How might some experienced developers out here handle this?

Don't just give a one-line answer; explain why your answer is right, ideally with citations.

When creating an email account, for example with Microsoft Exchange, the following rules can be used to avoid creating invalid email addresses.

With the introduction of internationalized domain names, efforts are progressing to permit non-ASCII characters in email addresses.

The transmission of electronic mail within the Internet uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), defined in Internet standards RFC 5321 and RFC 5322, and extensions like RFC 6531.

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