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“During his time in Saudi Arabia, Khalid Masood did not appear on the security services’ radar and does not have a criminal record in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the embassy said in a statement on its Twitter account.

So do not be afraid that your search for a Russian bride will remain virtual: nowadays you can travel to Ukraine and Russia and get to know Russian brides in real life.

Prince Sultan handed Al-Balawi a reward and a certificate of honor for giving the relic to the commission.

The body’s Board of Directors at the body’s headquarters in Riyadh received the artifact following the conclusion of a meeting on Tuesday, reported Saudi Press Agency. The Saudi law stipulates that archaeological pieces are the property of the state and citizens who find them are required to hand them over to the SCTH.

He said the SCTH will launch an awareness campaign.

He said the SCTH receives nearly 20,000 reports of kept or stolen artifacts.

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