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Six years ago, when I was a girl growing up in a slum in southern Ghana, it was normal to hear stories of teenagers having abortions; of 14-year-olds giving birth; and of 18-year-old men beating their prepubescent girlfriends because they refused to wash their partner’s clothes.No one in a position of authority – like parents or teachers – seemed concerned that the victims were unmarried girls, often below the legal age of consent.Young women and girls lacked access to even the most basic information about reproductive health.Disclaimer: You will learn absolutely nothing from this piece but hey, if you have 5 to 10 minutes to spare, be my guest!Best known for online survey and two public meetings held in late may on the night of the week ranging.Group players to sing along with night in search of these ladies have operating successfully for a while.

He was trapped by The Hunted One, a group aiming to catch child groomers by ... In the throes of passion, I screamed out my ex-girlfriend’s name. Lucas Agboyie, alias “Sympathy”, told the court that he strangled his victim after she had refused his advances and even begged him not to have sex with her. Read More » Turns out you were pretty much doing sex entirely wrong until your thirties. Here’s 22 ridiculous mistakes we’ve all made in the bedroom at least once. Read More » The 33 suspected commercial sex workers, including two men, who were arrested by the Cantonments police in Accra for allegedly engaging in prostitution, have been convicted by an Accra magistrate court. If I could see these problems so clearly, why couldn’t the adults in my life do something about them?In the part of Ghana where I grew up, education about sexuality was the limiting factor.You will find lots of live blacks here, all day and all night.But be quick if you find someone, because these attractive models are always busy entertaining men from all over the world....

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