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Fresh out of high school, Kate knew far less about his reputation than she did his high-profile work.

“I knew that my agency would be so happy if I shot with him, which was the only reason I went along with it,” she says.

Miss Hope said that there was no direct evidence as to the identity of the child.

She told the jury that the investigation started when FBI and police traced Ellis through her online activity to her flat in San Francisco in April 2015.

She added: "This abuse was streamed live over a webcam so it could be viewed by a woman in San Francisco called Kori Ellis.

The child was most probably drugged and was at the time unaware of what was happening to her." The barrister said that sometimes Gotham abused the girl alone and on other occasions with Forbes.

Sarah Gotham, 33, and Craig Forbes allegedly indecently touched the youth on camera while streaming the abuse images to a woman in California over Skype.The Skype case had been an attempt to challenge a ruling by the EU in 2005, which said that Skype’s branding was too similar to Sky for it to be given a trademark in the continent.Microsoft lost the re-launched case, but says that it is planning to appeal.What followed was a text-book example of Terry Richardson’s M.O., which is to dangle a Terry Richardson photo shoot in front of a young, aspiring model, just as long as she’s cool with him dangling something else in front of her, too. This is the guy who once said of breaking into modeling, “It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow.

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