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During PKTech Girl, one of the fabled Lost Aussie Deleted Scenes, in which John and Gilina follow through with their attraction and relieve some tension.From "The Way We Weren't": "Do you remember when you first came aboard? However, it vibrates." Chiana: "Hmm." Pikal: "We used to be able to create an energy field that had a calming effect on individuals, allowing them to see reason." Chiana: "Yah, but your... you can't do the trick anymore." Pikal: "Unfortunately not." Chiana: "Oh." And, I believe, one of the most horrendously existential, absurdist and just plain wrong quotes in all of Farscape: Rygel: Get your own fantasy, drip-locks!

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Aeryn learns not to be so scared of further alien contamination. there is a missing scene in AHR between Aeryn, dressed in the man-suit, being told she needs to change and her standing in the lounge in her Sexy Librarian outfit being inspected and given the approval by John (he gets all the rotten jobs).I don't know if you've ever been there, but let me tell you: that whole place is filthy. - Sikozu and Aeryn duff the perfect opportunity to assassinate Grayza when they come upon her offering the Scarran War Minister Ahkna the Luxan planets.In exchange for support in her coup on High Command. In part and I shall repeat this because it does not seem to sink in by not advertising the location of their secret bases." John asks if she's asking the right people, and in Scarran, which makes Sikozu a little angry. "As stupid as you must think them," Sikozu says, "the Scarrans have managed to build one of the most extensive empires in the galaxy.

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