Sierra blake versaemerge dating

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Versa Emerge are a really nice break from the pop and rap that you hear everywhere you go.

They’ve got an edgy alternative-rock sound, and it’s awesome to hear a (really talented) g URL singing such a strong lead here instead of a dude.

Now faced with a quest for revenge and survival so staggering it would scare off even the gods themselves, he finds help in stranger Ryan Ross; loner, roamer, and supernatural hunter.

They recruit other souls along the way to aid them in their quest. Doing it alone could mean the end of mankind as they know.

The same can be said of the exceptional title track, where the band becomes a master of its own momentum.

Not only are their songs super insanely catchy, they tend to describe exactly how I’m feeling at any given moment.

To date Charlavail’s most popular designs are her sugar skull hair clips (no longer being sold, as Vail doesn’t want to appropriate Mexican culture) and also her skeleton sweater iron-ons and foxes.It reminds us of bands like Paramore and Evanescence.The band is actually only two people—lead vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck and guitarist Blake Harnage.Britney posted a link to their recent You Tube video.The video has over half a million views already and seems to be gaining steam.

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