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Ayrıca her formun özelleştirilebilir raporu sayesinde dinamik rapor metinleri hazırlamanızı sağlar.

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Since the nineteenth century, scholars have generally rejected this recollection and dated the Targum, or its final redaction, in the third century CE. Abba – also said: Onkelos the proselyte under the guidance of R. – These had been forgotten, and were not established again. Jeremiah’s view of authorship, in none of these instances is Onkelos mentioned by name. It is more likely that the redactors of the Babylonian Talmud did not know who composed their “authorized” or “officially accepted” translation.

I will show that the proper date is more likely the late fourth or early fifth century CE. Midrashim use the same formula seventeen times and Onkelos is cited only once, in a late twelfth-century midrash (Numbers Rabbah 9). They recalled that the Jerusalem Talmud of several generations earlier had stated that Aquilas composed the authorized Greek translation.

Advarselen har allerede blitt delt mange tusen ganger, fra Risør i sør til Finnmark i nord.

– Jeg synes det er viktig å advare andre, og er glad for å høre at advarselen har spredt seg over hele landet.

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