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We use the well-characterized Durango apatite to demonstrate the accuracy and precision of the method.

SM also claims that the rumours are false, stating that G-Dragon and Sulli are just friends.

We describe the analytical protocols for zircon analysis including grain mounting in Teflon, parameters for parent and daughter isotopic measurement, and standard development, and provide a freeware application for determining (U–Th–Sm)/He ‘pairwise’ ages from analytical data.

The double dating method described is applied to the Ellendale lamproite pipe and country rocks, Western Australia and successfully replicates conventional U–Pb and (U–Th–Sm)/He age variations determined previously by conventional techniques.

He, the daughter product of U, Th and Sm radioactive decay.

Helium is quantitatively retained by minerals at low temperature, but is gradually lost from the mineral lattice by diffusion at elevated temperatures.

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