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Silicon Roundabout and Tech City are London’s hottest tech hub zones–and they’re all over the news right now because of Amazon’s move.

The Roundabout is a relatively small concentration of high-tech firms centering on Old St. In January of 2010 reported that there were 85 new startups housed here alone.

Unlike a pedal like a Tube Screamer, which will always sound good if the right chip and other parts are installed correctly, a fuzzface is a very finicky circuit.

The transistors used in a fuzzface make all the difference in tone, feel, and amount of fuzz/cleanliness.

It’s hilarious, but very few of the shoppers walking past even turn their head to look. ’ at Tate Modern where pop artists like Andy Warhol both celebrate and satirize modern consumerism and its obsession with the latest thing.

Art itself is subject to the vicissitudes of fashion and the reputations of artists often rise or fall in parallel with the prices their works command at the auction house.

It may also take some time to figure out how to make it work well with your other equipment.

Our Sunface and modified Fuzz Face pedals are made for the pros, but even a beginner should be able to get great tones if you work at it.

Many tech hubs in Europe have flourished, and continue to flourish.The Sunday Times—and New York Times—best-selling epic fantasy author Brandon Sanderson discusses his brand-new Mistborn adventure, Shadows of Self, with Bradley P Beaulieu, the author of Twelve Kings, who was shortlisted by the David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy for his debut novel, The Winds of Khalakovo.Hosted by Bradley P Beaulieu at the Apple Store, Covent Garden in London.If you have a Cort guitar and a Crate amp, don't expect to sound like Jimi with a fuzz face.You will have to have an excellent guitar and amp, have played for at least several years, and used some other fuzz pedals to appreciate the sound and feel of our Sun Face or modified Fuzz Faces.

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